It has been awhile since I last wrote. Many things have been happening to me, both the good and the bad. I can only start off that the good was that I got a job. I do not know if I last wrote I had a job in my blog but I am writing it now. The job I work at is Olive Garden. There … Continue reading

Good TImes

So today I had to do something Brave and awkward. I am staying at my friend Bianca’s college apartment and it been great. She has bought food and we ate a lot during the time. We are acting like real chef with the planning, and the cooking, and the serving. It would be better if her roommate didn’t get full off one meal during breakfast … Continue reading Good TImes


I wondered if it was I who ruined the friendship than her. I didn’t have to send her that final message, but…I can’t defend this action. She was the one who continued to bring it up. She was the one who called the RA. I was just a person tossing a sock in the air on her side and it happened to landed unexpectingly on … Continue reading Ending